Give people a chance. C’mon. Do it.

They're not frowning at you. My family just frowns sometimes. OK, A lot.

They’re not frowning at you. My family just frowns sometimes. OK, A lot.

Sometimes when I interact with certain people, I wonder just how exhausting it must be to live their life. It’s not because they have a full schedule or because they have a physically demanding job.

It’s because of the amount of mental effort they put into being suspicious of everyone and everything around them.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that the world is perfect and all people are inherently good. I’m a reporter, more specifically, a breaking news reporter. It’s my job to notice the awful, crooked and corrupt. I see, hear and write about horrible things all of the time.

In my free time, I spend way too much time reading Reddit and watching YouTube videos and if I ever had a doubt in my mind that horrible people exist in this world, the proof is right there in the comments.

Some people are really awful.

This guy doesn't dislike you. He loves everyone. Just ask him. Also check out #badgerBS every Tuesday on!

This guy isn’t awful. And he doesn’t dislike you. He loves everyone. Just ask him. Also, check out #badgerBS every Tuesday on!

But I also know that the loudest voices are those of extremes. You don’t hear about people who are just being decent, living their lives, taking care of business. Every once in a while, you hear of something extraordinarily good. But mostly, you hear about the people who are yelling racial slurs and obscenities, and the people who are killing, cheating, lying and raping. Those are the types of things that leave a permanent mark.

The thing is, just because you hear about these things more often doesn’t mean that that’s all there is in the world. Just because there is a racist jerk on YouTube that says he’s from Texas doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Just because there is corruption in one police department, doesn’t mean there is in all of them.

Just because someone once said something awful to you, whether it be about your gender, your sexuality, your race, your religious beliefs or any of the other millions of things that make you YOU, doesn’t mean the rest of the world feels the same way.

I can’t imagine living like this. I chose to believe people are not malicious by nature. To constantly assume the worst in everyone and everything would crush me, exhaust me, break me. No one should live like that.

Again. no judgment here. He just really loves his shades.

Again. no judgment here. He just really loves his shades.

With the exception of a few people, most are actually pretty decent. Not perfect, but decent. Instead of thinking that everyone is out to be a jerk, remember that everyone will sometimes make mistakes and most will say or do things without realizing it will offend someone else.

They are not perfect and neither are you. Unless you ask them if they sincerely meant to offend you or hurt you, stop making assumptions that that is their intent.
Has someone explicitly told you that they hate you or wish harm upon you? If so, I’m sorry. I am.

But they’re one person, not the whole world. Quit giving everyone else the same, suspicious glare.

Give them a chance. After all, they’re giving you one, too.


4 thoughts on “Give people a chance. C’mon. Do it.

  1. I really like your pics. The shades remind me of a funny story. I was in Hereford getting ready to drive back to Friona one afternoon. That means the sun will be in my eyes the whole way home. I found a pair of shades in the car that belonged to my daughter (apx 4 years old at the time). They were green with a funny crocodile in the middle.At the last minute, I decided to get a take home snack at Taco Bell. Before I pulled back on the road, I glanced in the rear view mirror. Oops! You try keeping a straight face while waiting on an old lady with little green sunshades with a crocodile in the middle.


    • I thought I had responded to this before, but I guess I never hit the “post comment” button. Thank you!

      Your story made me think of another one – I’m a reporter and work breaking news at the paper. One day, I went to a job fair at school before work. I stopped by the police booth with my friends and they were handing out those sheriff badges they give to kids. We all put one on, just being goofballs and went on to the next booth, soon forgetting the badges.

      I went on to work and the first thing I went out on was a wreck. As I approached a trooper, he had a smirk on his face.

      “They let y’all wear badges now?”

      So embarrassing.


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