It’s officially week two of NaBloPoMo!

That’s right. I’ve written every day for seven straight days. Well, eight, if we’re counting the blog post from last week.

This is a big deal for me. Even when I’m working for both papers, I rarely write EVERY day. The last time I remember writing this much was years ago, before “blogging” was a thing and I was filling journals faster than I could buy them.

But it’s been a great week. When I decided to give NaBloPoMo a try, I had a moment of anxiety. I wasn’t sure that I could write enough to post every day. I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read stuff I write everyday. I was afraid it’d be just another post mucking up everyone’s feeds.

But WordPress tells me that people are actually reading (which is a different kind of nerve-wracking). Every time I refresh my stats, it makes me smile. | And I do this. Seriously. I do. | And I do this. Seriously. I do.

I know this is only the first week, and as we get closer to finals and Thanksgiving, it’s going to be harder, but I’m not going to give up. I’ll keep writing about the thoughts and things that come my way. Thank you for reading this week – and really, if you have ideas or questions for me, send them my way on here, Facebook or Twitter.

Some things I didn’t get to this week:

Things I may talk about this week:

  • Vanessa, Bailie and I are taking a road trip to Umbarger Sunday for the Annual Umbarger German Sausage Festival. I am way too excited about this. I hope it lives up to the food we had in Germany.
  • The Amarillo College Common Reader author, Joy Jordan Lake, who wrote Blue Hole Back Home, will be on campus Monday, then at the Amarillo Museum of Art Tuesday afternoon and finally at the Amarillo Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts Tuesday evening. I’ll be on stage there asking her questions. It’s free, so come see me speak while petrified (I WILL one day conquer stage fright).

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