Racism and Hunger

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a discussion panel on campus hosted by the Texas Tech Political Science Department. During the discussion, several on- and 0ff-campus experts talked about the reasons behind food insecurity and the tools needed to combat this issue.

Income disparity is one of the leading causes of lack of access to food choices. / Photo by me

One of the things mentioned was how income inequality (and really, inequality in all aspects of life) can impact not just a person’s own ability to afford food, but also, how it can impact their ability to actually access affordable, nutritious food. Businesses like grocery stores don’t build in low-income areas because they make more money in high-income areas. Instead, many rely on fast food that contributes to the health issues faced by those in poverty.

For a nation to effectively fight hunger, it must first focus on the issues that form the foundation of this issues. This article by Everyday Feminism expands on the idea that hunger is just one facet in the fight against inequality.


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