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I see you’ve come looking for more than just my blog posts. Can’t get enough? I know, I know. It’s probably because I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry.

To tide you over until my schedule quiets down a bit, here are some links to work I’ve done for the Texas Tech University’s Office of Communications & Marketing,  The Hub@TTU/MCTVThe Daily Toreador, the Amarillo Globe-News and The Ranger. I’ve written a little bit of everything, from more auto accident coverage than I care to think about and stories about local disasters, to city and school board meeting briefs and stories about visiting politicians.

Sometimes, I get to write about lighter topics, too. I also shoot photos, and shoot and edit video news. Recently, I’ve begun writing and reading news for The Raider, 88.1. If you’re into nostalgia, listen on Thursdays from 9 to 10 p.m. for a full hour of 90s!

Below are a few of the stories that have stuck with me, for whatever reason, grouped by publication and updated as I continue to write. There are also a few links to my favorite photos and a few of the videos I’ve worked on. Let me know if you want to learn more about any of the stories. I have a (sometimes bothersome) knack for remembering the little details that didn’t quite make it into print.

Content from Texas Tech Today (Texas Tech Office of Communications & Marketing)

I’ve written more than 200 pieces since I began as an intern in 2016, including press releases, news advisories, research and feature stories and content for event programs.

After 10 Years of Waiting, Family and Country Welcome Home One of Their Own, Originally published November 27, 2016.

  • Major Troy Gilbert, a 1993 Texas Tech University alumnus, was killed when his F-16 fighter jet crashed in Iraq during a rescue mission in 2006.  After a successful recovery mission in 2016, five years after U.S. forces pulled out of Iraq and nearly 10 years after he was killed, Gilbert was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.

Chess Team Takes Top Place at Southwest Collegiate Championship, Feb. 28, 2017.

  • Our chess program is full of rock stars. I wrote this feature after yet another win.

Collaboration with Slaton ISD Creates Generation of Problem-Solvers, May 10, 2017.

  • This partnership between the College of Education, Slaton Junior High School and the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching focuses on improving classroom methods.

Burkhart Center Teacher Training Institute Brings Big Changes to Smaller Districts, Nov. 16, 2017; Sandwiches and Success: Burkhart Center’s Quiznos Serves More Than Meals, April 19, 2018.

  • The Texas Tech Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research is one of the leading facilities in the nation when it comes to autism education, awareness and outreach. These stories detail just two of their awesome programs.

Texas Tech Faculty, Students Mix Art and Science in New Interdisciplinary Course, June 18, 2018.

  • Texas Tech’s School of Art and the Department of Natural Resources Management came together in a collaborative, first-of-its-kind effort to engage the community and begin the restoration of a local park.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to write about the amazing people who work and study at Texas Tech. Here are just a few of the profiles I’ve written:


Content from The Hub@TTU/MCTV

Be Impolite Or Be a Statistic?, March 30, 2017

  • My magazine writing class focused on first-person narratives. This piece is not one I intended to write, but I feel it had an important message. We can’t end sexual abuse unless we stop being scared to even talk about it.

Texas Tech Strives to be Inclusive, Supportive of LGBTQIA Community, Feb. 20, 2017

  • Texas Tech hired its first LGBTQIA administrator in spring 2017. I sat down with Jody Randall to discuss how she planned to create a more inclusive and supportive community at the university.

MCTV Newscast: 4-11, April 11, 2016

  • This newscast includes a video I created that shows a day in the life of a campus bus driver. It starts at about the 7:30-minute mark.


Content from The Daily Toreador 

Students, staff work to end suicide, Sept. 1, 2015

  • National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and Week both fall in September each year, but many people still fight their battle alone. I spoke with staff and students at Texas Tech who are trying to break down barriers that keep these individuals from getting the help they need.

Students navigate parking, busing on campus, Aug. 24, 2015

  • As a transfer student trying to maneuver a new campus, I thought it would be helpful to myself and other students to provide information about parking and transportation on campus. So I pitched this topic and ran with it once it was approved.

More Daily Toreador stories


Content from the Amarillo Globe-News 

Canadian woman’s death unsolved 34 years later: Investigators, family hope new evidence leads to killer, Jan. 12, 2014

  • Tracey Neilson spent the morning of her 21st birthday running errands and completing chores around her apartment in Moore, Okla. When her husband arrived home that evening, he found her mutilated body on their bed. For 34 years, the murder of the former Canadian, Texas resident has gone unsolved. Now, investigators have released new evidence to the public with the hope that it will lead them to her killer. Video

Snack Pak 4 Kids harvest helps needy families, Aug. 16, 2014

  • Snack Pak 4 Kids will always hold a special place in my heart for the work they do with local families in need. This is the story of their second annual corn harvest and distribution event. This is one of my favorite photos from this event. More photos were also published in Amarillo Magazine. I also covered the first corn harvest. It’s hard to decide if this photo or that photo is my favorite one from the first event.

Amarillo advisory panels: Productive or pointless? Boards’ meeting frequency, record-keeping varies drastically, July 12, 2014

  • This is the anchor to a four-story package that resulted from a month of research, and included reviewing hundreds of pages of records and conducting interviews with more than 30 board members and city leaders. Be sure to check out the additional stories linked on the page.

Boat racers uncover vehicle abandoned in lake, April 6, 2014

  • Listening to the police scanner sometimes means hearing things that sound extremely serious, but then turn into something like this. A group of model boat racers was out at Thompson Park practicing for upcoming races. When their boats kept hitting something in the water, they realized that something was a vehicle antenna and called the police. Luckily, no one was inside. Video

‘They changed my life:’ friends, family mourn fraternity brothers killed in Dallam wreck, Jan. 19, 2014

  • This was one of the hardest stories I’ve ever written. Four fraternity brothers from Michigan were on their way to a conference in Arizona when their car collided with a tractor-trailer here in the Texas Panhandle. Two of the men were killed and the other three were hospitalized. This is the story of those five brothers and the bond they shared, as told to me by the survivors, friends and family members.

Palo Duro JROTC cadets serve community, June 2, 2013

  • I met the Palo Duro High School JROTC cadets while covering another event. I was so intrigued by their dedication and maturity that I asked if I could write a story about them. I’m glad I did.

Local EMT dies after pickup veers into ravine, July 11, 2013

  • Of all the stories I’ve written, this was the one that almost broke me, both because of how draining it was and because of the hurt this story caused. That evening, I was supposed to be covering a mixer for local singles. Instead, I spent it at the scene of this accident, calling in information as it was given to me. I will always carry with me the pictures I took and the things I heard. Firefighters aren’t supposed to cry and good men like Derek Brewster aren’t supposed to die like this. Here are the thoughts I put to paper after I had a chance to gather them.

Small-town ambush: ABC show asks Big Texan patrons ‘What Would You Do?’, May 20, 2013

  • When I started my career in journalism, I knew I’d get opportunities to meet people I’d never meet otherwise. But I never thought it’d be the week I started my internship! This is one of the shorter stories I’ve written in my time at AGN, but by far, still one of the coolest.


Content from The Ranger

Global Competency Year One: Germany and the Czech Republic (comprehensive coverage page)

  • Last year, I spent the first part of the spring semester studying German culture, history and journalism as part of the inaugural Global Competency class. Over spring break, we traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic and experienced first-hand the things we learned about. Once we returned, I spoke to several college and civic groups about the benefits of global travel. This page includes all the pieces we completed about the program, including video diaries sent back daily to the U.S., photo slideshows (hosted on YouTube) and a column I wrote about the trip. Here’s the video package I completed for our end of year broadcast.

    This is my favorite photo from the trip. It was featured in both The Ranger and the Amarillo Globe-News. We're in the elevator inside the tower of the Astronomical Clock of Prague.

    This is my favorite photo from the trip. It was featured in both The Ranger and the Amarillo Globe-News. We’re in the elevator inside the tower of the Astronomical Clock of Prague.

Students meet and visit with Scott Pelley, CBS anchor and correspondent, March 24, 2013

  • My first semester as a reporter with The Ranger, I was invited along with other mass media students to meet Scott Pelley, anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for 60 Minutes. He was the first professional journalist whose story I had the opportunity to hear and what he said about the importance of writing has stuck with me since then.

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