Do you remember the 80s?

I do. Vividly.

But I realized a few days ago that many people alive now weren’t even around then – in particular after watching this video.

Yes, the 80s were full of bright colors (my favorite shirt was a neon orange Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee), shoulder pads and fanny packs (had both). Most of the time, when I look back, it’s with laughter, a healthy dose of, “WHAT were we wearing?!” and cringing at our hairstyles. So I thought I’d share some of those memories with you.

Is there any other time when I could have pulled off that hairstyle?

Is there any other time when I could have pulled off that hairstyle? Probably not.

But as I began to put this post together and gathered photos (which meant digging through physical photo albums instead of my hard drive), I realized something else. I LOVED the 80s. I remember my favorite dresses, my mom spending the morning curling my hair (or the day perming it), and building forts with my brother and cousins in the backyard.

Look how happy we were. And our socks. Look at our socks.

Look how happy we were. And our socks. Look at our socks.

As much as I cringe today at the girl-mullet I rocked well into the 90s, some of the memories that make me smile the most are the ones where my mom would fix my hair and then almost suffocate me in a cloud of hairspray. Mostly because I was hanging out with my mom, who took time out of her single, working mom schedule, to make sure every hair was in its proper place.

Picture day! Immortalized in yearbooks everywhere.

Picture day! Immortalized in yearbooks everywhere.

The 80s, at least the latter part, when I was old enough to remember, are filled with so many memories like that. Just me, my mom and my little brother, doing mom, brother and me stuff. It was, as clich├ęd as it sounds, us against the world, and I will never have a stronger bond with anyone else than I do with them (and later, my little sis). We pushed each others buttons, we annoyed each other, but we loved and laughed and kept each other going.

80s (6)

Just Johnny and me, showing off our sweet, spandex biker shorts. NEON animal print! I wish you could see the front of mine: a neon, geometric patchwork of awesome.

So even though I will continue to make fun of my hair, make fun of my clothing and cringe at all of these photos, I’m OK with admitting that I loved the 80s and all the ridiculousness that came with it. Because those years are some of the brightest of my life.

Both literally AND figuratively.

Both literally AND figuratively.

And just remember: trends don’t last forever. Enjoy these pictures and laugh with me, but know that you’ll eventually feel the same. If it hasn’t happened already, that is.

80s (17)

Some things, though, like Monchhichi dolls and Mary Janes, never go out of style.

Just in case you need another pick me up, here’s a crash course through my 80s. Maybe I’ll share some of the 90s another day.

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